Why More People Should Go Camping

Americans don’t take enough vacation, and work is to blame. Nearly 30 million American workers receive no paid vacation at all. Of those who do, 55% don’t use all of it. When asked why they leave PTO days on the table, some of the most common reasons are not wanting to look replaceable at work, not having their workload covered if they take time off, feeling stress about planning a vacation, and the cost of traveling.

It’s time to reclaim outdoor travel in America. Our country has a rich history of state and national parks. In addition, we also have nearly 14,000 private RV parks and campgrounds around the nation. Traveling to an outdoor campsite eliminates the stress of airports and provides a blissful getaway at a fraction of the cost. For those who must accommodate pets or children in their travel, camping trips allow for both with relative ease compared to other types of vacations. Camping can take many forms depending on the level of comfort, from tents to RVs to furnished cabins.

There are so many benefits to spending time outdoors. Most Americans do not spend enough time outside, and it shows. Just 20 minutes outside for 3 days a week can reduce stress, improve memory, and enhance overall well-being. Spending time out in nature allows people to balance their modern, connected lives with the solace of a short pause. A short time away gives people the chance to live in the moment again.

In 2020, over 86 million US households identified themselves as campers, many for the first time. The timing is no coincidence; campgrounds are one of the few vacation spots that were unlikely to close during the pandemic. Their entire model relies on people being outdoors and spread out, two things proven to lower infection risk.

Do you have a camping trip coming up, take a look at our handy infographic for making pancakes on campfires!

Why More People Should Go Camping

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