Women Control The Money In America

More women are taking the reins on their finances, holding 60 percent of all personal wealth and 51 percent of all stocks in the U.S., according to Virginia Tech. In the office, 1.3 million are cashing in a cool $100,000-plus annually and running 40 percent of all private American businesses, according to marketing site She-conomy.

At home, the majority of women (90 percent) still control the family’s purse strings, from stocking up on household items to having the final say on home and car purchases and health care. See the infographic below for more fun stats on women’s purchasing power.

Brought to you by MarketingZeus.com via Business Insider.

Brought to you by MarketingZeus.com via Business Insider

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  1. This I have no doubt in most married households women do all of the bill paying etc. I do find it odd though that women still havent become very powerful in other areas- perhaps someday!

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