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Wood Heater Performance With The Ease Of Gas

Wood Heaters make for stunning focal points in any room. Their unique look, mesmerising flames and effective heating capabilities make them more than desirable for homeowners, but the hassle of sourcing and storing wood, and clearing the mess can be off-putting.

So what if we told you that you could enjoy wood heater performance with the ease of gas… The Greenfield and Cypress GS2 freestanding gas heaters can give you just that.

Both fireplaces feature award-winning Ember-Fyre burners with high definition log sets, stunning dancing flames, and large heating capacities.

The Cypress has a contemporary, modern look that will become the central focus of your living room, family room or kitchen. In comparison, the Greenfield is a more traditional fireplace. Its old-fashioned cast-iron design adds a homely and classic feel to your room.

Both models come with the latest Greensmart® 2 remote, which allows you to set the temperature, adjust the height of the flames, change the accent lights and set different fan speeds. Read more here.

Wood Heater Performance With The Ease Of Gas Infographic

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