10 Cat Superpowers That Make Them Awesome

Cats have always been popular pets and it’s not hard to see why, they truly are fascinating creatures. But because they are so common, we tend to take their extraordinary abilities for granted. So now it’s time for you to realise how awesome your cat really is. We’ll discuss 10 superpowers that make them amazing creatures.

Cats are known for having nine lives, but they also have other superpowers that make them amazing animals. Take, for example, their ability to move quietly.  Cats have special whiskers that pick up on tiny details in their surroundings, allowing them to navigate without making a sound. This is why cats are able to sneak around the house at night undetected.

Here are 10 superpowers cats have that make them so great:

1) Speed

Cat are extremely fast, a trait they share with their larger and fiercer relatives; Cheetahs, Tigers, Leopards, Pumas and so on. It is quite a large family of speedsters. Housecats can easily reach a speed of 30MPH (50KMH), which is faster than Usain Bolt’s top speed.

2) Jumping

Cats really can jump! The current world record for a jump is an amazing 10 feet (182.88CM) and was set in Austin Texas. Cats are also experts in the high jump, with most cats being able to easily jump five times their height. This comes to around 4FT 11IN (150CM). The record holder is a cat from Japan, who can soar to a gravity defying 6.4 Feet (196CM) in the air.

3) Strength

Cats are built for speed and agility, and this requires serious muscle power! Cat’s strong anatomy, amd finely tuned claws allow them to climb up most any surface with ease. The strongest domestic cat is probably the maine coon cat. Although generally timid and gentle, is so strong that caution is recommended when interacting with small children.

4) Elasticity

If you have ever owned a cat, or even been around one for a while, you know just how elastic they are. Cats can famously crawl through any space that is larger than their head, putting any human contortionist to shame.

5) Super sight

Cat have a huge field of view. About 200 degrees, which is a whole 20 degrees more than humans. This makes them excellent hunters, as they have highly tuned and sensitive peripheral vision. And thus no need to blink on a regular basis, making them fearsome nighttime hunters.

6) Super hearing

A cat’s ears are very much like mobile satellite dishes. With a 180 degrees field of motion. With an astounding 52 muscles that control their ears, cats can move them independently in order to focus on the most quiet of sounds.

7) Super stealth

If a cat doesn’t want you to hear or see it coming chances are you won’t. Soft paws combined with a super stealthy walk allow cats to move almost completely silently. It is no coincidence that we use the term cat-like for stealthy, sneaky and effortless movements.

8) Freefall

Cats always land on their feet. We all have heard it right? Cats are known to have survived falls from as high as 32 stories onto concrete walking away unharmed. It was probably these kind of feats that gave birth to the myth that cats have nine lives.

9) Super chilled out

Cats are masters of rest and relaxation. They sleep for 70% of their lives. When in deep sleep, some cats even snore. If you cat whiskers or paws are twitching while it is asleep, chances are she (or he) is dreaming.

Cats have been around humans for at least 9 thousand years. Ancient Egyptians deified them, and the internet cannot get enough of them. The first cat video predates youtube by more than a century. None other than Thomas Edison shot a short video of two cats boxing in 1894!


The average cat has nine lives, but that doesn’t mean they can’t surprise you with their other superpowers! Some cats are great at climbing, others are excellent at swimming, and still others are masters of hiding. What kind of superpower do you think your kitty might have? Let us know!

Original infographic via vebopet.com.au in 2015, content updated in March 2022.

Cat Superpowers Infographic