Which Countries Produce the Most Electricity on the Planet?

Around the world, there’s no country that’s producing more electricity on an annual basis than China. China’s nearly eight million gigawatt-hours of electricity that’s output annually (7,779,100 GWh) is not only the most globally, but it’s close to double than that of the United States, which is second-ranked in the world with an electricity output of 4,286,600 GWh annually.

In fact, only three other countries outside of China and the United States have an annual output of electricity that’s higher than 1,000,000 GWh, with those being India (1,560,900 GWh annually), Russia (1,085,400 GWh annually) and Japan (1,004,800 GWh annually).

From the team at SolarPower.Guide comes this infographic that looks at every country in the world, ranked by yearly electricity production. According to their research, the top ten countries in terms of electricity output on an annual basis are China, the United States, India, Russia, Japan, Canada (643,900 GWh annually), Brazil (620,100 GWh annually), South Korea (574,000 GWh annually), Germany (571,900 GWh annually) and France (524,900 GWh annually).

The ten countries with the lowest output of electricity annually include Niue (3 GWh annually), Saint Helena (7 GWh annually), Falkland Islands (19 GWh annually), Montserrat (24 GWh annually), Kiribati (29 GWh annually), Guinea-Bissau (39 GWh annually), Comoros (42 GWh annually), Saint Pierre and Miquelon (46 GWh annually), Tonga (52 GWh annually) and Sao Tome and Principe (66 GWh annually).

Of this list of countries from around the world, only 36 of them on the list produce at least 1,000,000 GWh of electricity on a yearly basis. When placed in comparison with the rest of the countries around the globe, China is a country that relies very heavily on fossil fuels for their energy.

In China’s overall energy mix, coal plays a major part as well, accounting for 79%, which is the fourth most around the world behind only Mongolia (95.1%), South Africa (93.8%) and Poland (86.7%).

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