Space Invaders: Is There Alien Life on Earth?

Forget about extraterrestrial life out there in the universe. What about alien life on Earth? Here’s a look at what people in different countries believe about the possibility of space invaders walking among us.

Is There Alien Life on Earth

There is an ongoing debate about the possibility of aliens existing among us, with people in different countries coming to differing conclusions. In the United States, for example, a majority of people believe that aliens exist and have been visiting our planet for years. Meanwhile, in China, Japan and other Asian countries, the belief is that space invaders do not exist at all and are instead products of human imagination. What explains these differences?

One explanation is that people’s beliefs about the existence of aliens have been shaped by their own lives. People tend to believe that things are different in other countries, and so they may be more willing to admit that aliens exist elsewhere than in their own backyard.

How Many People Believe that Aliens Walk Among us?

Despite the proliferation of alien-themed movies, shows, and games, relatively few people believe that aliens walk among us. In a recent study, only 26% of Americans claimed to believe that extraterrestrial life exists and is interacting with us. This low level of belief may be due to a lack of evidence or contact reports from credible sources. Nevertheless, many people remain open to the idea that aliens exist and could visit Earth in the future.

More Men than Women Believe

More men than women believe that there’s alien life on earth, according to a survey by the University of Sheffield. The study, which was conducted over the course of two years, found that 44 percent of men believe in extraterrestrial life while only 33 percent of women do. This discrepancy may have to do with the way that science is taught to boys and girls. Boys are more likely than girls to participate in math and science lessons from an early age, which could lead them to think more about space and outer space throughout their lives.

Are Space Invaders Masquerading as Humans?

One in five believes that extraterrestrials are walking among us. disguised as people. For example, actor, author and conspiracy theorist David Icke believes that we are being visited by aliens and that they are responsible for many of the world’s ills. Some scientists believe that Icke is onto something, while others say his theories are simply conspiracy theory fodder.

What do you think? Could it be true? Check out the infographic!

Original infographic via GOOD in 2011, content updated in April 2022.

Is There Alien Life Out There... on Earth?

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