Most Problematic Diseases in Every Country Around the World

What’s the biggest health burden for each country around the world? From NY Requirements, this infographic looks at which transmissible diseases are the biggest health burdens for every country around the globe. The infographic uses data estimates from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Health Estimates (GHE) and it looks at 40 different communicable diseases. The data is also used to determine the highest loss of DALYs (daily adjusted life years) for each of the countries listed.

According to this infographic from NY Requirements, one DALY is equivalent to one year of full health per every 100,000 people. From the research and data, it was found that India has lost 24,836.1 for every 100,000 people due to Tuberculosis. Unfortunately for India, the country leads this entire research for their top health burden, and by a wide margin, as the second ranked country (Nigeria) has a number of DALYs lost that is almost 10,000 lower (16,230.4 for lower respiratory infections).

Around the world, the six transmissible diseases that are the biggest health burdens are lower respiratory infections (131 countries), HIV/AIDS (28 countries), Tuberculosis (10 countries), Diarrheal diseases (5 countries), Malaria (4 countries) and Measles (2 countries). Of the countries around the world, it’s India that sees the highest number of DALYs lost, with 24,836.1 DALYs lost from Tuberculosis. In fact, other than India, Nigeria is the only country that has more than 6,000 DALYs lost due to a transmissible disease (lower respiratory infections greatly affect those in Nigeria).

Lower respiratory infections greatly affect many countries, including Pakistan (5,861.8 DALYs lost), Democratic Republic of the Congo (4,586.6 DALYs lost), China (4,209.4 DALYs lost), Ethiopia (3,267.5 DALYs lost) and Philippines (2,166.6 DALYs lost).

Most Problematic Diseases in Every Country Around the World Infographic

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