Ultimate Chart of Lighthouses in the United States

There are around 700 lighthouses throughout the United States. Some of these architectural wonders guide boats around the coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and some are beacons for lakes and waterways. Wherever they’re located, these buildings always provide assistance for boats and water vessels navigating the waters.

The following graphic created by Staten Island Yachts depicts 100 of the most impressive and iconic lighthouses in the United States. From historic lighthouses on the coast of the Atlantic to lighthouses helping boats navigate the Great Lakes, these visualizations capture some of the most extraordinary lighthouses in the country.

Some of the most notable lighthouses:

Sandy Hook Lighthouse, located in New Jersey, is the oldest lighthouse in the United States that has not been rebuilt. It was created in 1764 and is still in operation today.

The newest lighthouse in the United States is the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse in South Carolina. It was first lit in 1962 and is the only lighthouse in the U.S. with air conditioning and an elevator.

The tallest lighthouse in the U.S. is the Cape Hatteras Light in Buxton, North Carolina. It is 198.5 feet tall and is located on Hatteras Island.

The shortest lighthouse in the United States is Pocahontas Light in Casco Bay off of Portland, Maine. This diminutive lighthouse stands just 6 feet tall!

The most expensive lighthouse in U.S. history is the St. George Reef Light in California. It was constructed in 1892 and cost $715,000 ($23.6 million when adjusted for inflation).

The Statue of Liberty used to be a lighthouse! It only operated as a lighthouse for 16 years, as the statue’s torch was too dim to be deemed useful. It was also the first lighthouse in the United States to utilize electric lighting, which was revolutionary at the time.

Have you visited any of these amazing lighthouses?

infographic visualizing 100 lighthouses in the US

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