What You Need for an Apartment Application

Has your apartment application been denied? If so don’t fret, there are many other applicants just like you who have come across the same challenges.

Wouldn’t it be great to know what the landlord or management company is looking for in advance so you could increase your chance of approval.

We are going to take the guesswork out of the entire apartment application process for you. Here are the main categories that they will be looking for.

Income Requirements

Do you need proof of income for an apartment application? Your landlord wants to make sure that you will be able to pay rent on time. They are not going to lease to anybody whose income threshold falls below a certain amount. Most apartment managers require that renters make at least 3.5 times the monthly rent.

If you are a student, you can still get approved. You will need a co-signer.

A co-signer is something who is usually a family member or extremely close friend. They will be held equally responsible for the rent if you fail to pay.

Be sure and ask the landlord what the income requirements are before you apply. This can certainly save you time and headache.

Clean Background Check

Be sure and bring your social security card with you or at least be aware of your social security number. Your landlord is going to want to know who you are. We have seen many applicants get denied because they either lied about who they were or didn’t have a clean background. Here are some items that can cause your application to be denied quickly.

  1. You have committed a felony
  2. You have committed a misdemeanor

Each property will have different requirements. So you will want to check with them individually before you apply.

As always, be sure and have all the required documentation with you when you tour. That way you can apply quickly and hopefully successfully.

What do you need for an apartment application?

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