Which State Has Received the Most Snow in a Day?

Once the weather starts cooling down, many states anticipate snow. From small flurries to massive snow storms, winter means snow for many people in the United States. Do you know the highest amount of snow your state has gotten in a single day?

This graphic illustrates which states in the U.S. have received the most snowfall in one day. See which states come out on top!

  1. Colorado (63 inches): In 1913, Georgetown, Co received a snow storm that lasted several days. On December 4 alone, the area received 63 inches (more than five feet) of snow!
  2. Alaska (62 inches): Thompson Pass, which is located in the Chugach Mountains and is considered to be Alaska’s snowiest place, received 62 inches of snow in one day during 1955.
  3. California (60 inches): While people do not think of California when thinking of snowy states, it ranks third on the list. Giant Forest received 60 inches of snow in a single day in 1933. It is located within Sequoia National Park.
  4. New Hampshire (49.3 inches): In 1969, Mt. Washington received nearly 50 inches of snow in one day. During the multi-day snowstorm, the area received more than eight feet of snow in total.
  5. Montana (48 inches): The location in Montana that had the snowiest day was Millegan 14 SE in December of 2003.
  6. Washington (48 inches): In 1935, the area of Gunn’s ranch received a record amount of 48 inches of snow in just one day.
  7. South Dakota (47 inches): Historic Deadwood received a record 47 inches of snow on one day in 1973. The famous town was a popular destination during the gold rush and attracted legends like Calamity Jane, Wyatt Earp, and Wild Bill Hickok.
  8. New York (45 inches): Watertown received 45 inches of snow in 1900.
  9. Arizona (38 inches): In 1967, the Herber Ranger Station received a record 38 inches of snow in one day.
  10. Pennsylvania (38 inches): Morgantown received its largest snowfall in one day in 1958.

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Data visualization with the most snow on one day per U.S. state.

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