Why ADHD and Neurodivergent People Are Into 8D Audio

What is 8D audio and how does it work

8D audio is a type of audio that is designed to create a more immersive experience. It works by adding an extra dimension to the sound. Which allows the listener to perceive it as if it were coming from all around them. When you listen to an 8D track with headphones, different parts of the recording shift from one ear to the other throughout the song.

The result is a uniquely immersive sensory experience. It feels like you’re in the middle of a large room— like a concert hall— and all the musicians and vocalists in the song are moving around you while they play and sing.

This can be helpful for people with ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions, as it can help them to focus and remain engaged with the audio.

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What does 8D audio do for ADHD and neurodivergent people?

ADHD and neurodivergent people are drawn to 8D audio because of its ability to stimulate multiple senses simultaneously. 8D audio is a type of audio that stimulates multiple senses.

For people with ADHD and neurodivergent people, 8D audio is especially appealing because it can help them focus and stimulate their brains. 8D audio is also known for its ability to create an immersive experience, which can be beneficial for people who struggle with sensory overload.

In many cases, the reactions are extraordinary. Neurodivergent people report a variety of benefits from listening to 8D audio, including:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Positive mood
  • Full-body shivers (in a good way)

8D audio can help with focus, attention, and memory

8D audio, or surround sound, has been around for a long time, but it is becoming more popular as an aid for people with ADHD and neurodivergent conditions. It can help with focus, attention, and memory. The sounds seem to stimulate different parts of the brain, which can help people stay on task longer and remember things better. There are many different types of 8D audio available, so find one that works best for you.

8D audio can also improve mood and reduce anxiety

8D audio, or binaural audio, can create an immersive experience that can improve mood and reduce anxiety. This is because 8D audio stimulates the brain in a more natural way than traditional audio. For people with ADHD and neurodivergent people, this immersive experience can be calming and help to focus the mind. 8D audio can be used while studying, working, or relaxing.


8D audio is a powerful tool that can benefit everyone, but especially those who are ADHD. 8D audio is an emerging technology that creates an immersive surround sound experience. The extra dimension of sound creates a more realistic and stimulating environment, which can help people with ADHD focus and concentrate. 8D audio also has therapeutic benefits, and can be used to improve moods, manage stress, and boost creativity.

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why is 8d audio good for adhd

11 thoughts on “Why ADHD and Neurodivergent People Are Into 8D Audio”

  1. I have recently been referred for ADHD assessment as l show lots of symptoms. I checked the music is recommended for ADHD people, I soon find out about 8D and listened a few songs for the first time, it gives me a good shivers in the back and it made me cry even tho l was all in good mood! The song that started to make me tearing up was Alan Walker – Faded, and now l am listening to a song called INZO – overthinker and it makes me damn crying, is this normal ?

  2. 8d music makes me laugh out loud in happiness- definitely brightens my mood. It can also tire me out if I listen to it to long. My husband says my eyes veer back and forth like I’m trying to follow the music which sounds like it’s behind me. Super cool.

    • I listened to it once. My wife put it on and gave me headphones…I wasn’t ready for what happened next. Within seconds of turning it on, I was bawling my eyes out uncontrollably, I mean I was UGLY crying! I had no idea why, I was in a great mood previously. I threw off the headphones and hopped in the shower to avoid her seeing me like this. It was if I had lost a parent or child or something. I cried like this for an hour straight. I’ve never before or after this, cried like I did that day. It was painful, from my face, to my stomach, I will never forget that.
      I’ve yet to ever hear another person with this reaction.
      I am a 40 something year old guy, tattooed head to toe, not the overly emotional type…Someone please explain?

      • Hey… I listened for hours using headphones for the first time ever. It was amazing. I have insomnia and sleep a max of 3 hours a night, last night I went to bed and did this weird crying then slept 6 hours!

      • +1 here.
        Just a few seconds from the beginning of the song and I couldn’t help myself, I’d shed bitter tears. It wasn’t about lyrics or melody, it was the 8D effect that triggered me without remorse. Although for me it felt more like a reunion or something, but not the easiest one. It was like my brain finally had got something that it always desired.
        I’d been in abusive relationship and c-PTSD’s emotional flashbacks sometimes were damn hard, but 8D music triggered something way much deeper. Can’t forget this experience now. I don’t know why it happened, but you are definitely not alone in such reaction.

      • Hi Travis!
        I’ve had a similar experience. My understanding is that for some of us, the mind can preoccupy the whole system. Including our feelings. Don’t worry I am not getting all emo on you. Simple everyday things can have that effect on us. A couple of examples; being a perfectionist and the disappointment that comes with that, or people annoying us. My experience is that stuff like that (with my ADHD mind especially) can’t get enough room to get the attention it needs. Simply for me to be aware and recognize I’m annoyed with myself or somebody else. The result of relaxing the mind deeply can be that all those backlogged feelings, frustrations and annoyoances come out as a very overwhelming rush of emotions. Like a clogged pipe being flushed.

      • Are you extra sensitive in general to sound, light, textures, smells, etc? Those of us who are “highly sensitive people” can be hypersensitive to sensory input and some of us also seek out highly stimulating experiences for periods of time we can control. For me 8D audio can be too much, neutral or downright amazing depending on the level of sensory input I’ve had that day. It’s also totally normal for intense sensory experiences to bring up emotions or grief we may not be conscious of. Hope that helps!?

      • This happens to me with it! We’re storing so much pain and our minds constantly racing! It’s like a release let it happen

  3. I love 8d audio but it definitely doesn’t help me focus, I could see it working for focus for some people but for me, I can’t even keep my eyes open Full-body shivers, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Positive mood are all accurate for me though.


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