23 Parenting Methods and Philosophies Explained

It seems everyone has an opinion on the best practices for raising a child. This can make it extremely overwhelming for new parents. They are trying to figure out who to listen to, what to expect, what to do, and how to adjust. There is an endless influx of new parenting styles, methods, and trends popping up each year.

Parenting blogs have an abundance of think pieces, personal accounts, and expert opinions on the best parenting practices for healthy child development. There are also many different parenting practices around the world. Practices that new parents may find appealing. For example how Japanese children develop independence early by using public transportation alone. How Norwegian babies often nap outside in all sorts of weather which cultivates immunity and vitality.

Parenting Methods and Techniques

This infographic explores 23 common parenting methods and techniques. In an effort to help overwhelmed parents navigate all of the buzzwords and discover what resonates with them the most. There is no perfectly right way to be a parent. However it helps to be armed with knowledge, especially when new to the wonderful, terrifying, fulfilling world of parenthood.

This guide explores styles such as authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, uninvolved, attachment, free-range, reflective, helicopter, lighthouse, positive, slow, and bulldozer. The infographic provides simple, easy-to-digest keywords to describe each method so that parents can quickly spot what appeals to them and delve further if they wish to.

The guide can also help parents determine weaknesses in their approach. Such as if they are being too overprotective and verging on helicopter parenting, or if they are being too permissive and not establishing healthy boundaries or consequences. It also helps to demystify more modern approaches such as free-range, which advocates for freedom, choice, and plenty of playtime.

Most people are only told one side of the story when it comes to parenting. This infographic breaks down 23 of the most common methods. Overall, this infographic serves as a reference guide and launching pad into deeper reading.

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Parenting methods explained in an infographic

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