43 of the Most Iconic Ships, Boats, & Yachts From Pop Culture

Today, one of the most iconic fictional vessels is undoubtedly the SS Anne from Pokemon. It was first seen in the 1997 North American release of Pokemon Red and Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Each year, in the world of Pokemon, the SS Anne parks each year in Vermilion City, Kanto, and has become one of the classic staples in the Pokemon universe. It’s one of many classic, unforgettable ships from pop culture!

This infographic, created by the team at Staten Island Yacht Sales, is a visual treasure trove of 43 different ships, boats and yachts from several different fandoms across pop culture.

This visualization of some of the most popular ships, boats and yachts in pop culture breaks them all down into three sections, specifically for boats, ships and yachts under 100 feet, those that are over 100 feet, and then a few classics that clock in at over 1,000 feet.

The three largest vessels on this infographic that measure in at over 1,000 feet include the SS Anne from Pokemon, the RMS Poseidon from Poseidon, and the Ark from 2012. The Ark, which was featured in the disaster film known as 2012, is the largest on this entire guide. In the film, there were nine of these vessels, all created with the intention to preserve humanity and save the animals, fine arts and world history following the destruction of the apocalypse.

There are so many other unforgettable and classic ships, boats and yachts that are included. Included in those that came in at over 100 feet include classics from pop culture like the Jolly Roger (Hook), the Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean), the Red Dragon (Rush Hour 2), the Gertrude (Superman Returns) and the USS Ardent (The X-Files). Some of the unforgettable smaller ships (those under 100 feet) that are on this infographic include Our Mutual Friend (Lost), the Stugots (The Sopranos) and the Henrietta (Around the World in 80 Days).

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Infographic about the most iconic ships, boats and yachts

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