The 5 Tallest Buildings in New Zealand

The infographic, brought to us by NZ commercial property fund, Provincia lists the top 5 tallest building found in Auckland (and New Zealand). When we consider the country of New Zealand, most of us think about sprawling landscapes, untouched nature, and maybe, the Lord of the Rings. While New Zealand has built a reputation as a far-flung destination of untouched natural beauty, we often forget that this tiny island on the bottom of the planet is actually home to over five million people!

With 5 major cities spread across both the North and the South Islands, New Zealand boasts some impressive high-rise buildings and modern architecture. The largest of these cities, Auckland, boasts the tallest building found in the southern hemisphere – quite a claim to fame! Auckland is home to over 1.6 million people and is affectionately known as ‘the city of sails’ (Auckland recently hosted the 36th Americas Cup, a yacht race where the prize is the oldest trophy in world sports).

Wide range of architectural styles

The city features a wide range of architectural styles. Many early Victorian styled historical buildings remain, nestled among modern, 21st century designs. These historical buildings are classified and heritage building which means they are safeguarded from demolition and redevelopment.

Much of the high-rise building found in Auckland are located, unsurprisingly, in the central business district which is beautifully positioned near the water. With sweeping views of the Hauraki Gulf, these impressive buildings are home to both international business and residential apartments. Most large international organisations will have a dedicated Auckland office. While they might not be on quite the same level as Dubai, New York or other major cities, Auckland is steadfast becoming an attractive prospect for commercial real estate development.

There are currently several high-rise building under construction in the city which, when, when completed will claim some of the top positions on this list. Most notably, the Seascape building, set for a 2022 completion will be 52 stories and will be the tallest residential building in New Zealand.

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5 Tallest Buildings in New Zealand

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