Steel vs. Wood: Why Wood Doesn’t Measure Up to Metal When Building Homes

Steel vs. Wood building

If you are considering building a home, you probably have realized that there are so many choices (for example, steel vs. wood building) to make that it can be overwhelming. One choice that people sometimes overlook is the material that you will use to build your new house. Wood is the traditional choice that everyone knows, so sometimes, it is almost a default. However, you might want to consider another option, an option that, for a lot of people, is an even better option: steel.

We all know steel is a great option for garages, carports, and barns. Lately, more and more homeowners are opting for metal as well. You might have seen tiny houses or even multi-bedroom family homes made of steel, but you might not know how many metal homes there are that don’t look like steel at all.

Options when building a home from steel

There are tons of options when building a home from steel, including using facades on the outer walls to create whatever look suits you best. The interior can be completely customized, as well. Another great option is to use a steel frame but opt for wooden walls or interiors.

There are lots of things to consider and points to compare when it comes to choosing a material to build a home from, like:

  • Durability
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Financing and Insurance
  • Construction Timeline
  • Customization and Expansion.
  • Lifetime Maintenance Requirements
  • Energy Efficiency

We will help you consider each one of these points and how it might affect you and the home you are building.

If you have been wondering why there’s a sudden trend towards steel buildings, especially as homes, or you are considering which material would be best to use in building your new home, read more about steel vs. wood building to find out the answers to all of your questions.

Also check out our infographic on how to use cool roofing materials and the impact on home temperatures.

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Metal Homes vs. Wooden Homes

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