What Affects Your Internet Speed

There are many different influences that can affect your internet speed. This infographic from BlueGadgetTooth lists ten of the main offenders that cause slow internet speeds.

Your internet speed is limited by several factors. Luckily, there are things you can do to increase your connection speed. You simply have to be aware of these factors, as well as the differences between your connection. The infographic will look at the difference between a fixed network and mobile network.

What factors affect your internet speed, and what you can do to increase your speed.

Keep in mind that not all internet providers are created equal. People connect to the internet in a variety of different ways. For that reason it may be important to consider this when you are trying to evaluate your internet speed. The internet is a complicated place and it can be difficult to determine what has an affect on your connection. An internet connection is a complicated piece of equipment with a lot of moving parts that can have a variety for factors.

Make sure to keep your equipment up to date. Your computer free of any malicious downloads, your modem/router unit in a central location, and that you have the best ISP for your location. Knowing what can affect the speeds will let you remedy the problem, giving you the fastest speeds you will need. It often takes but a simple fix.

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What Affects Your Internet Speed Infographic

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