Are Students Getting Too Much Homework in the United States?

Both the National PTA and the National Education Association are in favor of there being just ten minutes of homework per grade level for students. However, some states across America are giving students quite a bit of homework in comparison to this philosophy. Whether they’re in their early years of grade school or in high school. From Playground Equipment comes this infographic that analyzes the average amount of time that students are spending on homework on a daily basis. The numbers across each individual state in the country.

The data coming from this infographic is segmented into two parts. One for the average time spent on homework for those in elementary and middle school. The second one the same but for high school students. According to the research, it was found that Maine had the 2nd most minutes per day for homework for all grade levels. For those in Maine who are in elementary and middle school, there are 55.7 minutes of homework a day on average, and then an average of 107.2 minutes of homework a day for high school students.

The only other state to appear in the top five for both lists was Louisiana, who saw an average of 54 minutes a day for elementary school and middle school students (the third most in the country), and 102 minutes for high school students (the fourth most in the United States).

The average amount of minutes spent on homework for high school students is exponentially more than for those in elementary school and middle school. For high school students, only four states saw their average minutes of homework a day exceed 100 minutes, with those being Vermont (110 minutes), Maine (107.2 minutes), West Virginia (102 minutes) and Louisiana (102 minutes).

As for which countries give the most homework, there’s data for that too, with China (13.8 hours weekly), Russia (9.7 hours weekly) and Singapore (9.4 hours weekly) leading the list.

Where did your home state rank on this infographic?

Are Students Getting Too Much Homework in the United States? (Infographic)

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