Cloud Computing Infographic

Obviously, Cloud computing is one of the most growing markets over the last five years. This trend is sure to be relevant in the new decade.

Definition of cloud computing

The definition of cloud computing is the system of computer resources, infrastructure, computing power, and data storage that are available on-demand without user involvement. The technical aspects of the service are fully managed by the provider. Furthermore the data is made accessible to multiple users via an online service. To access the information, a user needs to log in to a personal account.

Top cloud computing companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM are investing in this technology. It’s obvious that сloud will become increasingly more innovative with every new release.

At this point, сloud computing has multiple applications across different industries. Also, it’s used for software development, testing, and maintenance, business management, client support, marketing, accounting, logistics.

Over the years, business owners received tangible proof of cloud multiple benefits — and the statistics serve excellent evidence. Therefore integrating сloud solutions into your website and organizational practices are a tried-and-proven method of automating your interactions with clients and team members, which leads to significant efficiency increases.

Get started with сloud computing

To get started with сloud computing, you need to look for top cloud service providers with certified security practices, versatile functionality, and a cost-efficient pricing model.
Also, you need an expert software development team that will help you make an educated choice and integrate the solution into your operations.


Cloud Computing Infographic

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