Effects Of Alcohol: What Does Alcohol Do to Your Body?

Though an occasional glass of wine during dinner is not considered a cause for concern, the collective consumption of wine, beer, and spirits can take its toll. The effects of alcohol on the body range from mild to fatal. The given infographic shows what organs suffer from regular drinking and lists the illnesses associated with this bad habit.
Alcoholism also damages mental functions.

Drinking a large amount of alcohol causes temporary memory loss (blackout), poor judgment, lack of coordination, dizziness, slurred speech, and blurred vision. Long-term substance abuse can kill enough cells to seriously affect memory and cognition. Some people develop alcoholic dementia (a type of senility) and wet brain syndrome (also a form of dementia). And those brain cells that are not destroyed cannot function properly.

AddictionResource authors advise you to take action as soon as you notice that someone’s alcohol consumption is going out of control. It can help to avoid irreversible health issues. Of course, it can be difficult to persuade someone to get treatment or even to help them recognize that their alcohol use is problematic. You may need to consult an addiction specialist or an interventionist on how to confront a person about their drinking and where to get effective medical assistance.

Effects Of Alcohol: What Does Alcohol Do to Your Body?

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