Google Analytics 360 Removes Barriers for Data Analytics

Businesses today are changing and changing quickly. Data analytics can help you keep pace with the ever-increasing need for data insights. As well as the realities of today’s marketplace. One major challenge faced by executives is getting all data from across the business to work together. Google Analytics 360 is a product that will help you crunch all of your data together. Enabling you to make better decisions.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is the lack of data analytics. With data analytics, business executives can make informed decisions that will dramatically influence the growth of their company. However, having the awareness to use analytics is not enough. Executives also need the education necessary to navigate through this new world.

Indicators that your company needs a data analytics solution

Here are just a few indicators that your business needs a great analytics tool. If you don’t have metrics to measure progress or success, you might need an analytics tool. Or, If your data comes to you via email with zero visualizations, you might need an analytics tool. If every department stores data separately and has difficulty collaborating, you might need an analytics tool. Finally, if your processes and productivity lack time efficiency because of waiting on data, you might need an analytics tool. 

Currently, only 24% of executives are guiding their businesses through a great understanding and strategy based on their data analytics. Yet, these data-driven businesses are 178% more likely to outrank peers in both profitability and revenue. So, why are so few taking advantage of this wealth of knowledge about their own business?

Some of the top barriers to making data work for the business are that 70% of executives have poorly-articulated data strategies. 67% simply need training to understand their data tools. 50% need to find data analytics professionals to help them, and 47% have poor access to their own data. The result of these obstacles is that up to 73% of a business’s data is never analyzed at all. 

How Analytics 360 can help your business

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of the above. Google Analytics 360 can resolve all of the issues facing executives who want to put all of their data to work for their business. It is a paid, enterprise-level tool for large businesses, with the add-on option of a data management platform to ensure quality control.

Analytics 360 offers data privacy, advanced tools, support and training, shorter delays, unlimited sessions, and more. It also comes with access to expert data professionals who will partner with you to help your business use 100% of your data, and to use it well.

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