What is The Highest Point in Every Country?

Earth is rich with geological marvels, ranging from mighty mountain peaks and the lush valleys between them to deep, unknown ocean depths and the glittering shores soaking up the sun far above. The highest point on Earth is Mount Everest, which soars 29,032 feet above the ground, reaching just below the cruising height of a jumbo jet! Mount Everest was formed over 60 million years ago when India’s continental plate crashed into the Eurasian plate. India’s plate was wedged under Eurasia, pushing a gargantuan mass of land skywards to form the spectacular Himalayas, the world’s highest mountain range. The plates are still at work; the continuous shifting and pressure between the plates pushes Everest approximately 1.73 inches or 44 millimeters each year. Despite Everest being considered the pinnacle of mountaineering and athleticism, it is not the most dangerous mountain on the planet. K2, the second highest point on Earth, claims that title. With an overall death rate of 13%, only 377 brave souls have reached K2’s treacherous summit. Compare this to the 11,258 successful summits of Mount Everest, with more being added each year as it continues to attract brave adventurers far and wide. Beyond Everest, there are countless breathtaking and diverse mountains across the globe! This infographic explores the highest point in every country, spanning from Nepal and China’s Everest’s 29,032 feet to the 17 foot Mount Villingili in Maldives. One is capped with an average of 30 feet of snow while the other is lush, green, and balmy! Some are not mountains, but volcanoes, such as the 20,561 foot Chimborazo in Equador. This currently inactive stratovolcano last erupted in 550 A.D. The summit of Chimborazo is the farthest point on the Earth’s surface from the Earth’s core because it is located on the planet’s equatorial bulge. Have you climbed any of these mountains? Which view would you most like to see?

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