Home Security: How to Effectively Detect Home Burglary

Homes that do not have a top-of-the-line security system are 80% more likely to be targeted by thieves than homes that do. Most burglars are also smarter and more sophisticated than you may think.

They tend to know which areas of the home have the most valuable belongings, and are usually in and out of a home in less than 10 minutes.

Here, our focus will be on home security systems, and why they are essential to helping protect your home from criminal activity.

Home Security, Some Alarming Stats

Most burglars only spend around 8 or 9 minutes inside a victim’s home before they exit. Homes that do not have a state-of-the-art home alarm system installed are 80% more likely to be targeted by criminals.

There have also been over 160,000 burglaries in Canada in 2019. In fact, in Canada, a home is broken into every 90 seconds.

Also, while most people think of homes being broken into at night, the actual data shows that over 80% of homes are broken into during the day, as people are more likely to be away from their homes during the daytime.

Modern equipment is also not a requirement in order to break into a home. Many burglars will use a wrench, crowbar, paper clip or even a credit card in order to open a door or window. A criminal locksmith can unlock a door in mere seconds without a peep.

The basement door and ground floor are also the two entry points that most burglars target in North America.

Signs That Your Home is Being Targeted

If you see strangers patrolling your neighborhood then something’s amiss. If you notice someone leaving flyers on only certain doors in your area then they may be targeting those particular homes.

Uncertified workers should also be reported to the necessary authorities, and call the police immediately if you see someone take pictures of your home.

Unsolicited religious workers and fundraisers should also be called out as soon as possible, and be very suspicious if a stranger stops you and starts talking to you about their personal problems.

How do Home Security Systems Detect Burglaries?

Motion-activated sensors can stop some crimes in their tracks and may also stop ongoing crimes in the future.

Door and window sensors should also be installed and activated as soon as possible in order to protect your home. If a burglar triggers the sensor then your home alarm system will notify you immediately.

Glass break sensors will also prevent many burglaries from taking place. As mentioned, many burglars will break a window, either to enter through or in order to access a door lock to open a door.

A home alarm system will protect your entire home and will also provide peace of mind while you are away from your home. The very presence of a home alarm system will scare off most criminals.

When a criminal sees a home alarm system or a sign from a home alarm security company they will usually move onto another target.

Security cameras should also be a part of your leading edge home alarm system if possible. Their very presence will scare the daylights out of most criminals, as most criminals do not want to have their illegal activities caught on camera.

Additional Benefits of Owning a Home Alarm System

By owning a home alarm system your valuable assets and belongings will be protected from theft and/or vandalism. Your loved ones will be able to sleep soundly at night and will be protected from stalkers and other violent criminals as well.

You can also enjoy remote access with the latest home security systems. Remotely monitor the comings and goings that transpire in and around your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can check-in on your primary residence, anywhere, and at any time, by taking advantage of remote control technology.

Turn lights and sprinkler systems on and off with the click of the button while catching some rays in the Bahamas. Lock and unlock individual doors, increase and decrease the temperature of each and every room, and even turn blinds and fans on and off using smart remote technology.

Your cutting edge home alarm system will quickly pay for itself as well. In fact, many insurance companies will actually offer you a discount on your insurance if you install a leading edge home alarm security system.

You can also reduce your home’s energy consumption levels as well by installing a smart-based home alarm security system. Smart lighting and smart thermostats can be modified with the click of a button from virtually anywhere on the globe.

Also, by lowering your energy consumption levels, you will also save money on your electric and utility bill as well, possibly saving thousands over the long run.

A home alarm system can also save your life in many different ways. In addition to being able to save you and your loved one from potentially violent criminals, it can also save you from a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly and invisible substance that can kill a person in minutes. Your home alarm system should include a carbon monoxide and fire detector just to be on the safe side.

What to Do if Your Home Has Been Broken Into

If you have been the victim of a home invasion then you should call the cops asap. You should also take care of your children to make sure they are alright. When you have the time, go over your home’s security.

After you have surveyed the system, take inventory to determine what was stolen. You should also call your insurance company as soon as possible. The final step involves adding additional security measures in order to ensure that your home is never broken into again.

Discuss your unique needs and concerns with your home security company in order to obtain a personalized security system.

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Source: Home Security Systems: A Key System to Detect Any Home Burglary | CSP Alarms

Home Security: How to Effectively Detect Home Burglary

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