Keeping Busy During the School Holidays

The school holidays can be stressful for parents: how will you keep your children entertained (and active) for weeks on end? The four ideas in this infographic are affordable and fun, with the added benefits of important life lessons. Get away from the computer, turn off the TV and try one of these classes for endless hours of entertainment.

Gymnastics is a great way for children to release extra energy while also maintaining physical fitness and socialising. Additionally, gymnastics teaches some invaluable skills, including coordination and balance. 

If cartwheeling, bars and beam work aren’t right for your child, consider boxing training. Learn important defence techniques as well as respect for others and the value of teamwork. Keep fit and build self-confidence at the same time.

Martial Arts programs similarly teach important life skills, like discipline, practice and humility, which are translatable to many other areas and activities. Your child will further their self-defence skills and engage in dedicated training. The prospect of receiving belts of higher ranking and colour as they progress promises to drive interest and build self-discipline. 

Children also gain lifelong skills from playing a musical instrument. Let them express and play around with their creativity; watch as they spend hours practising the craft, planning home performances and proudly showing off their skills. Get the whole family involved with an array of instruments. 

Active classes like gymnastics, martial arts and boxing are the perfect way to burn energy, socialise and learn essential skills that will benefit your child for years to come. For those less inclined towards sports, taking up a musical instrument offers similar advantages and will help while away the school holidays in a productive and enjoyable way.

Keeping Busy During the School Holidays

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