In With the New: MicroLearning

It’s time for a change in the way employees are trained. The truth is: traditional training models are ineffective to prepare employees for the job. This is because the tools themselves were made poorly leading to a bad learning experience, thus the employee retains very little of what they learned. On average, it takes 7 … Read more

How Web3 Shapes the Workplace

Web3 and the future of work

We would be hard pressed to name an invention from the past 50 years that has changed the world more than the internet. From entertainment to communication to finance, the web has transformed the daily lives of billions of people and every industry. The web itself has also changed enormously since its conception. In the … Read more

How to Pick a Resume Format That is Right for You

3 commonly used resume formats

Different sources use the term “resume format” to refer to various/different topics, it can sometimes be confusing. A resume format, in its most basic sense, refers to the kind of arrangement your resume has based on the presentation of its sections, the way the employment history section is written, and the sections that are given … Read more

Opportunities Present in the Cannabis Job Market

infographic about the cannabis job market

The legalized marijuana market is growing rapidly across the US. In 2020, legal cannabis added 77,300 full time jobs. That’s a stunning 32% year-over-year gain. 26,000 of those jobs came in states with newly opened markets. Now that ⅓ of Americans live in states with legalized cannabis, support continues to rise for a nationwide legalization. By 2025, the … Read more

What is a Fractional Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

Fractional Chief Executive Officer Infographic

Had you mentioned an outsourced, seasoned, or fractional chief executive officer (CEO) a few years ago, people would have been stumped. Today, these words not only make a lot of sense but also bring value to organizations. But what’s the difference between a CEO and a fractional CEO? What Is a CEO? A chief executive … Read more

Keeping Busy During the School Holidays

Keeping Busy During the School Holidays

The school holidays can be stressful for parents: how will you keep your children entertained (and active) for weeks on end? The four ideas in this infographic are affordable and fun, with the added benefits of important life lessons. Get away from the computer, turn off the TV and try one of these classes for … Read more

How to Fix a Sentence Fragment and Run-On Sentences? (Guide)

How to Fix a Sentence Fragment

Sentence fragments and run on sentences are quite common mistakes that take place in writing any content piece. They can ruin everything: from your belief in your editing skills up to readers’ impression of the paper. Therefore, it is so important to identify run-ons and fragments to make sure the content piece is sparkling. To … Read more

How to Renew Your Real Estate License

How to Renew Your Real Estate License

This infographic depicts the 5 universal steps that are required to renew your real estate license. These steps include the following: 1. Understand you’re state’s renewal requirements2. Identify continuing education courses3. Choose a real estate school4. Obtain a certificate of completion5. Pay any license renewal fees and submit your paperwork. Make sure to always check … Read more

The Evolution of Resume Styles – Is It Time to Modernize Yours?

Evolution of Resume Styles

Resume styles and trends have changed dramatically over the past quarter-century. Has your resume kept up? Or does it still look like the resumes of yesteryear? Learn more about the evolution of resumes in this infographic. We have reached the tipping point, and colorful, eye-catching resumes with infographic elements are becoming the norm. We’ve all … Read more

Understanding The Different Levels of Automation

Understanding The Different Levels of Automation Infographic

As automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics improve, it may be increasingly tempting to employ automatic means to accomplish industry goals. The degree to which a task is automated is referred to as levels of automation (LOA). These levels can be summed up as the following: Level 1The human operator performs the task without assistance … Read more