The Longest Range Electric Car in the World

On just a single charge, there are some electric cars on the market today that can travel hundreds of miles to your destination. With gas prices continuing to rise, electric vehicles are even more enticing than ever before. Yet, out of all of the electric vehicles out there today, which of them can go the furthest distances?

From the team at Dewesoft comes this infographic that ranks the top 150 electric vehicles by their mileage range. Based on their research, it was found that only two vehicles out of all 150 had mileage ranges in excess of 500 miles, with those being the Lucid Air Dream R AWD with a mileage range of 520, closely followed by the Lucid Air G Touring AWD at a 516 mileage range.

Of the 150 electric cars that are included in this research, there are just six vehicles that can go above 450 miles, and this again shows how dominant Lucid Motors is with this ranking, as the manufacturer claims all six spots. Tesla has a strong showing as well, as 25% of the top 20 models for mileage range are Tesla vehicles. Of them all, Tesla’s best mileage range on one of their vehicles comes from the Tesla Model S, which has a mileage range of 405.

Even the last ranked vehicles on this list have an impressive mileage range of 252, which will still save you money from filling up your gas tank with the continually rising prices. These four electric vehicles that rank last and are tied for 252 are the Leap Motors T03, the BAIC EC5, the Audi e-tron GT RS and the Audi Q4 e-tron 40. In recent years, electric vehicle technology has undoubtedly come quite a long way, especially in terms of electric vehicle range.

150 longest range electric cars infographic

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