The Meaning Behind Every U.S. Military Uniform Patch

When you see a member of the U.S. military, you’ll certainly notice the variety of unique patches that are covering the uniforms that these service men and women proudly wear.

These patches can come in a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes, and they all have special meanings to them. This infographic from the team at Wizard Pins looks at the meaning behind every type of patch on a U.S. military uniform.

There are six different branches of the United States military – the Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and Space Force, the latter of which is the newest, having been established near the end of 2019. All of these have specific patches, as seen on this infographic, which features illustrations for all, including the rank patches.

This infographic from the team at Wizard Pins also offers fascinating facts about the patches on U.S. military uniforms. For example, flag patches are sewn onto each shoulder of the uniforms to remind the service men and women of what it is they’re fighting for. Not only that, but the flag that’s placed on the right shoulder of the uniform is there to give the effect of the United States flag blowing in the breeze as the service member moves forward.

Also included on this infographic are identification badges, combat badges, special skills badges, duty tabs (both individual tabs and unit designation tabs), service stripes, unit patches/shoulder sleeve insignias, and combat patches.

The special skills badges are perhaps the most unique looking patches on the military uniforms in the United States, as these are patches that are placed on the upper left chest above the branch tab. They’re to show the service man or woman’s special skills, based on their schooling that they completed.

The four examples that are shown here on this infographic are airborne, aviator, air assault and rigger.

also offers fascinating facts about the patches on U.S. military uniforms infographic

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