The Most Common Electricity Source in Every Country Around the World

When primary sources such as solar power, gas, oil, coal, or hydropower, among others are converted into energy, it results in electricity. It’s fascinating how all of these different sources work in different ways to create electricity, especially renewable resources like wind power, solar power, and hydropower. There are also other different types of renewable resources, such as biomass, which can include organic materials such as biodiesel, ethanol, biogas and wood.

The most common electricity source varies by each individual country, and this infographic from Dewesoft is the complete guide to which electricity source each country relies on. There are countries that use non-renewable electricity sources such as gas, coal, oil and nuclear sources, and countries that use renewable sources including solar power, wind power and hydropower, among other renewable energy sources.

According to the research from the team at Dewesoft, it was found that hydropower is the most common electricity source in Iceland, as Iceland uses 39,305.04 kWh per capita of it. It’s not only the top renewable source of electricity in Iceland, but for 112 other countries as well, including Norway (24,326.10), Canada (10,130.67), Bhutan (8,660.99), Sweden (7,342.48), Greenland (7,229.71), Paraguay (6,946.02), New Zealand (5,015.55), Austria (4,761.41) and Switzerland (4,308.30). Hydropower, per the infographic, is also the top source of electricity consumption in 58 total countries, including Iceland.

The leaders in using solar power for electricity include Puerto Rico (825.09 kWh per capita), Australia (730.94 kWh per capita), Japan (667.72 kWh per capita), Germany (608.71 kWh per capita) and Cook Islands (596.06 kWh per capita). As for wind power for electricity, the countries that are using the most of it on Earth include Denmark with 2,825.43 kWh per capita, Sweden with 2,701.54 kWh per capita and Ireland at 2,250.83 kWh per capita.

Most Common Electricity Source in Every Country Around the World Infographic

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