The Oldest Businesses in Every State That are Still Around Today

Have you ever wondered what the oldest businesses around the U.S. are? The research team at Wyoming LLC Attorney reveals some of the most historic businesses around the country to determine the oldest business in every U.S. state. Which state is home to the country’s oldest business?

Virginia’s Shirley Plantation, which is the state’s oldest business, is also the oldest business in the country. It was established in 1913 and the founder’s descendants still live at the Great House in Charles City to this day. Tuttle’s Red Barn, formed in 1632 in Dover, is New Hampshire’s oldest business. Connecticut comes in third as Field View Farm was opened in 1639 and has been operated by the Hine family for 12 generations. It is a working dairy farm located in Orange which produces dairy products like milk and ice cream, and has recently started selling agricultural equipment.

Unsurprisingly, farms, taverns, and bars make up a large portion of the list of oldest businesses in each state that are still in operation. Many of these businesses predate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, which officially made the United States an independent nation.

These are top 10 states with the oldest businesses in the country:

  1. Virginia (1613): Shirley Plantation in Charles City
  2. New Hampshire (1632): Tuttle’s Red Barn in Dover
  3. Connecticut (1639): Field View Farm in Orange
  4. Massachusetts (1642): Barker’s Farm Stand in North Andover
  5. Maine (1667): Seaside Inn in Kennebunk
  6. New York (1680): Saunderskill Farm in Accord
  7. Rhode Island (1696): Kenyon’s Grist Mill in Usquepaugh
  8. New Jersey (1720): Barnsboro Inn in Sewell
  9. Pennsylvania (1732): The Rowland Company in Philadelphia
  10. Maryland (1750): Middleton Tavern in Annapolis

The next time you visit one of these states, plan a visit to one of these historic businesses!

The Oldest Businesses in Every State That are Still Around Today

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