A Guide to The Best Dairy Substitutes

Going dairy free can be a big change for some people especially when dairy plays such a large role in the American diet. The thought of giving up cheese burgers, cookies and milk , ice cream and pizza may be a shock too big for some to bear but there are actually many dairy-free alternatives that can help in the transition to a dairy-free lifestyle.

Even some people who never had an issue with diary growing up may lose the ability to break down lactose as they age. It is estimated that a whopping 65% of the world’s population has an issue digesting lactose. Humans are the only species on earth that drink the milk of other mammals and these hormones can disrupt the digestive system leading to skin and stomach issues.

The Benefits of Going Dairy-Free

Going dairy-free also may present another problem when it comes to getting enough calcium, protein and vitamin D. However, knowing what foods can supplement those important nutrients is key. Giving up dairy can provide many changes that can be felt and seen within a few short weeks. Many people will experience less bloating and even lose inches from the waist and pounds from the scale. Those suffering from IBS and other digestive issues can see incredible results switching to a diary-free diet.

This guide from the team at howlongtocook.org presents a slew of dairy-free substitutes and benefits. Lowering the risk of certain cancers is possibly one of the biggest reasons to reduce your dairy intake. People who are lactose intolerant have a lower chance of developing certain illnesses like breast and colon cancer. This is because they can not absorb lactose into their bodies. Going dairy free can also be good for the environment. Dairy cows and other cattle are the number one source of greenhouse gases and cows that are forced to produce milk are typically pumped full of hormones and kept in confinement away from their calves and other friends.

Going dairy free can have a profound change on not only your body but the entire world.

A Guide to Dairy Substitutions Infographic

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