The Oldest Colleges in Every U.S. State

Did you know that some colleges and universities in the United States are older than the country itself? Ahead of the United States coming to fruition in 1776, three universities had already been established, with those being Harvard University in 1636, College of William & Mary in 1693 and St. John’s College in 1696. From the team at Playground Equipment comes this infographic that looks at the oldest schools in every state in the United States.

According to the research done by the team at, it was found that the ten oldest colleges in the United States were Harvard University (1636), College of William & Mary (1693), St. John’s College (1696), Yale University (1701), University of Pennsylvania (1740), University of Delaware (1743), Princeton University (1746), Columbia University (1754), Brown University (1764) and Dartmouth College (1769).

Other colleges that represent their states as being the oldest institutions in those states include University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA), University of Denver (Denver, CO), Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL), University of Georgia (Athens, GA) and Salem College (Winston-Salem, NC).

Harvard University, the oldest University in the United States, was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts on September 8, 1936. The university had been named after the first benefactor of the university, John Harvard. John Harvard had not only donated more than 400 books to the institution, but he always donated half of his estate to the university. The first commencement for Harvard occurred in 1642 with just nine graduates who were set to enter religious and political careers.

The majority of the colleges and universities featured on this infographic were initially established back in the 1800s, and collectively this makes up a very fascinating list.

Did your alma mater make this list of the oldest colleges or universities in each state across the United States?

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The Oldest Colleges in Every U.S. State

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