Our Weird And Wonderful Bodies

That remarkable thing called the human body is awe inspiring. The way it operates is equally wonderful but also a little bit weird.

The strongest muscle in the whole body is the tongue so the old saying “words speak louder than actions” rings true.

By the time you have lived your life span that amazing mouth of yours would have produced enough saliva to fill a swimming pool twice over. That’s a lot of drooling over your favourite meal.

The workhorse of the body is, of course, the heart which pumps the necessary blood and oxygen from your head to your toe. Our skin, which is our largest organ, renews itself every 27 days and the acid in our stomachs can dissolve metal. Talk about some serious stuff!

After all, these weird and wonderful things our bodies do there is one thing that is unique to humans. Saying goodbye to your loved ones, having a little cry when you kick your toe or that tear running down your cheek when watching a sad movie is something no other animal is capable of doing. Emotional tears.

Now that’s something extraordinary, right?

We may all be very different in our own personalities and traits, but the biological similarities are the same. After all that info, we now present to you this infographic featuring 30 of the most interesting and odd health and body facts to arouse your mind.

We all may be very different in our own unique ways, but there are many fascinating biological similarities that we all share in common. Today we present to you an infographic by Vapester which features 30 of the weirdest and fascinating health & body facts for your enjoyment.

Our Weird And Wonderful Bodies