Safety Tips for Flying Abroad During the Pandemic

Flying abroad during a pandemic has made this year’s travels far more challenging. There are new restrictions, rules, and precautions you need to be considering. From whether or not you’re allowed to travel, to the new documents required, and even mask requirements, you want to make sure you are as informed as possible.

Right now, traveling abroad is mostly restricted to essential travel only. If you don’t know what qualifies, you’ll want to do your research. Be sure to have a travel kit with essentials like extra gloves, masks, and more packed in there, just in case you get separated from your luggage.

In addition to the new regulations being enforced, all of the old rules apply, too. Things like how to travel abroad with medications are important to brush up on before you book your flight. Make sure you refill all of your prescriptions and have enough so it lasts the duration of your trip. Canadian Pharmacy King is here to help you travel as safely as possible.

Call us at 877-745-9217 and we’ll help you get your prescriptions and other essentials ready.

Safety Tips for Flying Abroad During the Pandemic

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