How Successful People’s Sleep Routines Are The Key To Success

Our world’s top leaders, in activism, politics, business, sports, and entertainment, value sleep over their awards, fame, recognition, and money. Sleep is the key to success, as they value their personal sleep needs and fulfill each night’s due sleep cycles, and it can fuel yours too.

Across the globe, top-paid leaders and public figures routinely value sleep. Greta Thunberg reports needing 9 hours, Warren Buffett reports 8 hours, Tim Cook gets 7, and Elon Musk requires just 6 hours of sleep to support their well-being and maintain their world-renowned success.

A great benefit of this exercise is the improvement of memory, which is crucial to daily activities as well as intellectual pursuits. Adequate sleep enhances problem-solving skills and creativity and improves the ability to come up with new ideas. Sleep reduces accidents and errors, making actions and tasks more thorough, accurate, and saving you time by eliminating the need to correct mistakes. As a final note, sleep benefits any career and aids responsibility by enhancing performance.

Poor sleep is costly. Each year, insubstantial sleep produces a grand $411 billion (USD) loss in productivity. Affecting individuals, insufficient sleep is correlated with a lessened quality of life, mental health issues, reduction in education, and poor coordination and fitness. As a country, we’d benefit fiscally from prioritizing sleep, but the increase in productivity, on an individual level, is just as tremendous.

Enhancing your sleep hygiene can be transformative for how you sleep. Here are two good starting steps for doing so. One, wash your bed sheets more frequently. 73% of adults report increased enthusiasm toward sleeping upon doing so in clean sheets. And two, exercise for longer periods of time. Research reveals that 75 to 150 minutes of exercise reduces daytime sleepiness and dramatically improves sleep.

Take these first steps, and then many others, towards a life of better dreams; both while asleep and in-pursuit while awake.


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