Small Businesses and Digital Adoption. How Important is it?

With more of us turning to working remotely now more than ever we are relying on technology to keep up connecting and afloat during this time.

Many companies, no matter the size are being forced to utilize new tools and services to run their businesses.

Among small business owners, adding on and learning new technologies has alway been a challenge. Most small businesses owners argue the reason they have been slow to digital adoption is because they haven’t had the time to focus on it. Which is understandable, they have bigger things to worry about!

To learn more about small businesses and digital adoption, we surveyed US based small businesses and the results were surprising.

  • 35% of small business owners said they hadn’t gotten around to making it a priority
  • 25% haven’t yet leveraged the power of social media
  • Fewer than 10% consult experts. They prefer to DIY their marketing efforts

We know that SEO, content marketing, and social media are critical to continued business growth, so it’s surprising that some have not prioritized this initiative. However, this isn’t all bad news — it simply shows that businesses can find new opportunities to grow through digital technology.

Our infographic details our findings on how small businesses are moving toward digital adoption.

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Small Businesses and Digital Adoption

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