Sonata Sleeping Pill: The Dangers of Addiction And Abuse

As you can see in the given infographic, there are several reasons why people start abusing Sonata sleeping pills. And there is one simple way to avoid it – to follow your doctor’s directions.

Sonata abuse can take many forms. Overmedication is a serious issue. It can be increasing the dosage at one’s own discretion. Doctors prescribe this drug based on your age, medical condition, and response to therapy. Taking more pills is linked to serious adverse effects, including tolerance, addiction, and overdose. The same refers to taking the pills for longer than prescribed. Sonata is indicated for relatively short-term treatment (a month or so).
Improper administration is another type of Sonata misuse. The pills should be taken orally, but sometimes abusers chew or crush and snort them.

Sometimes, people use Sonata without prescription as they seek “high”. The drug has several street names, such as sleep-easy, forget-me-pill, zombie flip, and looney bar.

If you or someone you know cannot stop taking Sonata, AddictionResource authors advise contacting a drug use disorder specialist. He/she can assess your condition, help you decide on your further actions, and offer several treatment options. You may need a detoxification program in an inpatient facility. The facility can also address insomnia during this process.

Sonata Sleeping Pill: The Dangers of Addiction And Abuse

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