The 65 Jobs With the Lowest Risk of Automation by AI in 2023

The arrival of automated robots and artificial intelligence are sure signs that society is advancing in major ways, but a major concern for many people is whether or not these robots will take their jobs in time. As time goes on, it may be more important to choose a career path that is very unlikely to be taken over by artificial intelligence and automated robots.

This new infographic from U.S. Career Institute analyzes 65 jobs with the lowest risk of robotic automation. Of the 65 jobs that are mentioned as part of this study, they all have an automation risk probability of 0.0% when you factor in the activities, skills, knowledge and abilities that are needed in order to perform the job at a high level. This infographic also includes fascinating information on the median annual wages in the United States for each position (based on 2021 data), and each job’s projected growth by the year 2031.

Per the research done by the team at U.S. Career Institute, it was found that nurse practitioners are set up the best for a future filled with artificial intelligence and automated robots. In 2021, nurse practitioners in the United States earned a median annual wage of $120,680, which is a projected growth of 45.70% by 2031, the latter of which far exceeds the projected growth of any other job featured on this infographic.

According to this infographic and the rankings, only five other jobs of the 65, aside from nurse practitioners, are expected to see growth of at least twenty percent by 2031. These include choreographers (projected growth of 29.70%), physician assistants (projected growth of 27.60%), mental health counselors (projected growth of 22.10%), nursing instructors and teachers (projected growth of 21.50%), and coaches and scouts, which are expected to see a projected growth of 20% by 2031.

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