40 Baking Tools and What They’re Used For

Baking can be a very rewarding and fun hobby, and there are so many unique baking tools out there that you can use. While some of these may be rather intimidating to beginners, they’re relatively simple to use, as you’ll see in this infographic from How Long To Cook, which details 40 baking tools and what they’re used for. It’s a colorful and helpful visual that will make it much easier for you to identify what baking tools you need for various tasks in the kitchen.

This infographic is broken down into several categories of different baking tools, including preparatory tools, measuring tools, mixing tools, cutting tools, baking tools, baking pans, and cake decorating tools. Preparatory tools are important so that you can get everything in order, with the tools featured on this infographic including a rolling pin, egg separator, fine mesh sieve, pastry brush, silicone baking mat, parchment paper, cooling rack, cake tester and oven mitts.

You also need to be familiar with all of the measuring tools that you’ll find in the kitchen, because if you’re not measuring correctly, the taste of the food can suffer mightily. For example, if you’re using ingredients like flour or baking soda, and use an inaccurate amount, things like cookies can become too flat and something like a cake could wind up being too dense. Measuring tools on this infographic include dry measuring cups, liquid measuring cups, measuring spoons, baking scale, kitchen timer and oven thermometer.

If you’re looking to bake a tasty cake, then it’s best to be familiar with all of the cake decorating tools out there at your disposal. Within this category, this infographic shows a cake turntable stand, piping bag, decorating tip, cake spatula, cake leveler and a cake board. A cake leveler is a must-have for baking a cake in the kitchen, as it will help you cut and level the cake layers, allowing them to stay stable when you’re stacking the cake itself.

40 Baking Tools and What They're Used For

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