Acne Body Map – What Does Acne Reveal About Your Health?

This ‘Acne Body Map’ infographic may help you figure out what acne on your body reveals about your health.

Many people believe that acne-like cysts, pimples, and blemishes can only be present on the face. In fact, breakouts can be present all over the body as well. There are numerous instances why someone can experience acne on the body, some of which are serious and some which can be fixed quickly.

Acne isn’t always caused by imbalances in hormones or pores that are clogged. Pimples on specific body parts may actually reveal a more serious health issue that will only dissipate once the problem is resolved from within.

There are many body parts where pimples on the may pop up including the back, neck, arms, scalp, and chest which are most common. We can use an acne body map to figure out what underlying issues are producing breakouts on the body and therefore determine the necessary treatments to get rid of breakouts in these places.

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Acne Body What- What Does Acne Reveal About Your Health?

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