9 House Plan Tips From The Architect

Tips on how to design a functional house. 9 practical house plan tips from the architect.

  1. Make sure all rooms face the right direction according to the Sun path, privacy, and best lot views.
  2. Keep an open floor plan with a kitchen on the side.
  3. Kitchen layout – Create the most efficient kitchen according to the food preparation.
  4. Higher ceiling in the living room – add clerestory windows.
  5. Protect house indoor air from garage pollution.
  6. Add separate garage storage room.
  7. Locate laundry closer to bedrooms – not garage.
  8. Make sure you have enough natural light and good ventilation.
  9. Add covered porch by the house side.

This infographic is full of useful house plan tips to help you find the perfect house plan.

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9 House Plan Tips From The Architect

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