Internet Safety for Kids – Warning Signs for Online Abuse

Most kids love browsing the web; however, this is not always a fun experience. The internet is associated with many dangers. Internet safety for kids is a serious concern, kids are very vulnerable. If you aren’t sure what your kid does when online, then you need to be careful. By doing so, you’ll notice the signs of online grooming.

Internet Safety Tips for Kids

1. Browsing late at night

Staying up chatting online is one of the apparent signs of online grooming. For most teens, YouTube and Facebook are popular sites that offer them limitless entertainment, but they are the same spots where predators lurk. And, you won’t know if your teen is at risk if you don’t watch their online activities.

2. Explicit materials on your teen’s device

You may bump on explicit content on your child’s phone or computer, but this doesn’t mean that they use it. It may be a sign of child grooming; these may be provided by people who pose as good friends online trying to groom your child into sexual activities.

If you ascertain that your kid uses their phone to receive or view adult content, Take action by searching for sell my iPhone x online. This will help you land on to a website that will sell their phone. This will prevent them from receiving such materials in the future. Only acquire another phone when your child promises to tell you when they receive inappropriate materials from strangers.

3. Gifts from strangers

Gifts from unknown people are common child grooming signs. As your child spends more time online, they may encounter many people aiming to exploit them sexually. However, predators and sex offenders do this wisely; they use presents or gifts to lure kids. Most kids are naïve and can easily give in to gifs given by strangers since they don’t know how to identify grooming behaviour.

4. Isolation

If your child is risking their safety on the internet, they will tend to withdraw or separate themselves from other family members. Therefore, when your child gets reprimanded for wrongdoing, keep a watch on them. They may seek solace from others and can easily fall prey to child predators.

Final thoughts

As a parent, you have a role in ensuring that your child stays safe online. Therefore, be keen on your child’s behaviours; some may be signs of online grooming. This way, it’ll be easier to seek assistance and devise ways to enhance your child’s safety.


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internet safety tips for kids (Infographic)

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