A Complete Guide to Creating Successful Company Logos

When asked what it takes to start a business, you could probably rattle off a list: a great product, financing, four years of sleep deprivation. Those are definitely good answers, but you forgot one tiny detail. Branding.

Here’s why branding matters:

You wouldn’t tell a random story to someone you just met. You’d start with the basics—like your name and why you’re talking to them—because you should always introduce yourself in new social settings. Likewise, you should never send your new business out into the market without branding to introduce it to potential customers.

A great way to start establishing your brand identity is to create a logo. While it’s a small symbol, a logo has the power to tell potential customers who your company is and what you do at a single glance.

There’s a lot of pressure to create a logo that sends the perfect brand message. So whether you decide to make this a DIY project or hire a logo design service like this one, it’s important to educate yourself on everything it takes to make a successful logo.

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Guide to Creating Successful Company Logos

4 thoughts on “A Complete Guide to Creating Successful Company Logos”

  1. Designing a logo is actually one of the toughest jobs. There are so many small things we often ignore and our logo looks unpleasant.

    I always tend to hire someone professional rather than trying it myself.

    Great infographic.

  2. Clear, simple and powerful works so well in the logo creation game. Just resonates with us. I went with a simple, easy to feel design. Few colors, reflects my brand perfectly, nice and memorable. Smart tips!



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