How To Make Your Own Lightsaber (Infographic)

There’s always that one guy who brings a knife to a gunfight! But what if, just once, you could harness the power of the force with a lightsaber? Isn’t every Star Wars fan’s dream to wield the legendary lightsaber to blast through enemies and doors alike? And even though we don’t currently have the required … Read more

What Your Poop (and Pee) Tells About Your Health (Infographic)

What your poop says about your health – Sure it sounds gross, but paying close attention to your stool is important. Bowel habits, or a lack thereof, are strong indicators of overall digestive health. Changes in the shape, color, or texture of your poop can show signs of digestive issues, infection, and sometimes even cancer. … Read more

Heading To A Wedding – What to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest?

Do you have an upcoming wedding and are stumped about what to wear? Fear not! We’ve compiled a guide to wedding outfits. It will help you coordinate colors and looks based on your eye color, hair color, skin tone, and the current season. We’ll also answer many frequently asked questions. The truth is that it’s … Read more

How To Build Your Shipping Container Home

Shipping container homes are growing in popularity as more people want an affordable, sustainable option. Building a shipping container home is an affordable and environmentally friendly option for homeowners who don’t require a lot of space. For instance, you can personalize your container home to match your design style and preferences. Here is a look … Read more

The Truth About Bullying (Infographic)

Bullying is a problem that seems to stain the lives of every generation of kids. It’s a problem that we often hear about in the news, and it’s a problem that we often try to sweep under the rug. But the truth is, bullying is a real issue, and it needs to be addressed. Bullying … Read more

20 Gross Facts About The Human Body

Gross Facts About The Human Body. It’s only a myth, right? Or is it? You’ve probably heard hair-raising stories of how gross some people’s lifestyles are. But that will never be you, right? Don’t answer too quickly. If you’ve ever ordered take away, you’re part of the gruesome people on earth. Companies add viruses to … Read more

6 Steps Guide To Create Engaging Content

Content Marketing Content is key to a successful marketing strategy. I find myself struggling every day in producing engaging content that people actually want to read. Clients I work for often ask me what engaging content actually is. Write about things that you are passionate about. Chances are that you create original content that people … Read more

How to quit porn – 25 proven steps to beat porn addiction

Porn addiction is a serious condition. It has many effects, such as lowering your self-esteem, affecting your relationships, and negatively affecting your productivity and sexual performance. If you’re addicted to porn, it’s time to quit. This infographic will help you think about what are the benefits of quitting porn, including how to beat your addiction. … Read more