Crafting for Mental Health & Stress Management During Lockdown

There are many reasons people partake in creative ventures like crafting and art-making. One of the reasons we consistently hear from crafters is that being creative is a stress reliever that helps them feel better.

So, we decided to investigate this area further in ‘Crafting for Mental Health & Stress Management During Lockdown’, a post originally featured on our ( blog.

In the post, we shared data from studies supporting a link between art-making/crafting and improved mental health and stress reduction. Including:

a study in which the cortisol levels of participants lowered during art-making, indicating stress reduction (Walsh et al., 2007). The results of a prescription art scheme in the UK highlighted reduced levels of anxiety and depression in participants (Crone et al., 2018)

How Crafting Saved Me During Lockdown

We also noticed a sharp increase (of 113%) in our craft-related product sales throughout the lockdown period. This significant jump suggested that people were turning to craft activities to keep themselves occupied during this time.

We approached the crafting community for feedback and to find out more regarding this trend. According to many first-hand accounts, crafting kept them busy when everything else was closed, and it also helped them cope during this unprecedented and stressful time.

“Crafting really stopped me going stir crazy during lockdown because it’s one of the few ways to occupy yourself without leaving the house! All you need are a few supplies and a bit of inspiration. I taught myself to knit during the first lockdown, and since then, I’ve really enjoyed developing this skill to make all sorts of knitted toys for my nephews. It’s been great for them as well as me!”

Jennifer Royle,

“Crafting has helped me stay busy and feel purposeful during the lockdown. I especially love making candles because the aromas calm my nerves.”

Shyla Elza,

You can find the full context in the original post:

Crafting for Mental Health & Stress Management During Lockdown

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