Evading the Holiday Tech Shortage

Supply chain challenges are hindering holiday shopping. Many shoppers are aware of the issue. Online retailers’ out of stock product numbers are expected to rise 360% from 2019, with electronics being one of the most affected categories.

The tech industry currently faces the dual impact of computer chip shortages and supply chain frustrations. Relying on sea and air freight from Asia is revealing its flaws. Sending a 40’ container from Asia to the US costs nearly 14 times as much as it did two years ago. Air cargo rates are up 40% since the end of August. These combined pressures are raising the prices of gadgets by as much as $50 per item.

These problems may not dissuade people from putting tech on their wishlists, but they do make it harder for loved ones to give them as gifts. Only 12% of global chip manufacturing is done in the US, and the price of chips is expected to rise 30% through 2022. Even if one can afford the raised prices, chances of the gift arriving in time are growing slim. 

Average ship times with trucking are up from 40 days in 2019 to 73 days in 2021. First class mail is expected to slow down by 30% during the holiday season.

How can savvy holiday shoppers avoid these pains? Unless the recipient is wedded to the idea of a new model, used tech can offer the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. There are over 120 million used smartphones available worldwide, many already residing in North America.

Tech repairs can be as rapid as one day, and simple repairs like battery replacement could add 4 or 5 years to a device’s lifespan. 

Give loved ones cost effective, eco friendly gifts this year by buying them quality used tech.

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Holiday tech shortage infographic

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