Everything Owned by Amazon: What companies Amazon owns

As one of the most influential and well-known companies in the world, Amazon reported more than $420 billion in assets in 2021. Not only does Amazon have ownership of many retail brands and cloud computing services, but the corporate giant also owns several other companies, many of which you may not have even been aware of before.

All of the companies that Amazon owns

From the research team at SMB Compass comes this new infographic that lists out all of the companies that Amazon owns. This list of everything Amazon owns is quite long and impressive, with just some of the Amazon subsidiaries including Goodthreads, Goodreads, PillPak, AbeBooks, Woot, IMDb, Twitch, Shopbop, Ring, Zappos, Whole Foods and MGM Holdings (which includes MGM Studios).

It was in 2021 that Amazon was able to acquire MGM for an incredible $8.45 billion, a company that had been founded in 1924 and would go on to become responsible for some of the most classic films and film franchises in history. As one of the most famous film production companies globally for nearly 100 years, MGM can be credited with several famous productions including, but not limited to Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, James Bond and Rocky.

Amazon acquired Whole Foods

Another major acquisition for Amazon in recent years occurred in 2017, when Amazon acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. As one of the most popular supermarket chains out there, Whole Foods has an estimated 91,000 employees on staff at more than 500 supermarket locations throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Whole Foods has come quite a long way since 1980, when the first store opened in Austin, Texas with just 19 employees on their staff.

While Whole Foods and MGM Holdings have been Amazon’s two largest acquisitions ever, based on cost, other high-priced acquisitions for Amazon have included Zappos in 2009 ($1.2 billion), Zoox in 2020 ($1.2 billion) and Twitch Interactive in 2014 ($970 million).

What companies Amazon owns
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