7 Most Common Kinks and Fetishes People Have

Have you ever wondered what kinks people have? What are the most common kinks? I did! So I spend the last few months running an experiment where I’d ask everyone on my social media, Reddit and my blog what there most common fetishes where in the bedroom.

I decided to create an infographic to show you the 7 most common kinks and fetishes people answered. I also published the rest of the results on my blog as I had loads of people share their deep dark fantasies.

On this topic as with others, we should try to understand not simply what is pleasurable or what is popular, but what is good for us and conducive to our lasting happiness. On that note, check here for an explanation of the natural-law understanding of the right-use of human sexuality.

Most common kinks people have


This is one of the most common fetishes, especially among people under 40 years old. It incorporates all kinds of perforations and jewelry of various sizes, shapes and colors.

These objects usually adorn body parts that, in turn, facilitate sexual arousal:


Hair fetishism, know as trichophilia, is a quite common kink, especially among men. Those with this fetish feel aroused by direct contact with hair, or by certain hair color or hairstyle. Women, on the other hand, may be fascinated by beards, moustaches or chest hair.


Among the most popular object fetishes in the world is altocalciphilia (term for a fetish for high heels.), or sexual arousal by women’s footwear.

Men can make the most out of a sexual relationship without the woman ever taking off her shoes, for example leather shoes, usually with high heels.


The use of costumes is not only one of the most common kinks. but it is one of the many ways to break out of the routine during sexual intercourse.

Costumes involve the use of imagination. Both men and women can fantasize and bring their arousal to a maximum level. Using costumes, one can role-play or have different personalities. It depends on the creativity of the person.


Although it isn’t as common as the other kinks mentioned, voyeurism is a common sexual practice that many people have actually carried out.

It refers to the enjoyment and pleasure that people have when they see other people naked or having sex.


The use of leather objects during sex is one of the most common kinks people have. Nowadays they are distributed in all erotic stores. There are actually clobs and conventions for those who love leather.

Leather, especially black leather has become an universal sex symbol. It is commonly related to domination practices and sadomasochism.

Leather objects can include, among other:

  • Masks
  • Whips
  • Belts
  • Underwear
  • Costumes
  • Shoes

Submission and Domination

Submission and domination are some of the most popular kinks and sexual fantasies people have. Especially after the success of movies like 50 Shades of Grey.

In order for these games to be a kink or fetish they must include the use of different sex toys:

For example, handcuffs, shackles, whips, leather, dresses, etcetera.

Fetishes: The 7 Most Common Kinks People Have

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