How To Say I love You in Different Languages (Infographic)

In English, saying the three words, “I love you,” can hit with the force of an atom bomb or a magic spell. These words can either destroy a relationship when spoken too soon or solidify a bond when said at the right moment. And since in the United States, courtship is rather casual, this makes … Read more

Kismia Guide: 3 Simple Steps to Succeed on Social Networks and Dating Sites

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Prostate Massages Are Good For Your Health

Many people are interested yet apprehensive or unsure about the ins and outs of a prostate massage. Not to worry, all your questions are answered here! Many people are unaware of the amazing benefits of this massage. Therefore we’ve put together an ultimate guide. The infographic guide illustrates exactly what a prostate is, where to … Read more

Busting The Blue Waffle Genitals Myth (Infographic)

Blue Waffle Genitals is an internet hoax that began sometime in 2010. It was a fake sexually transmitted disease (STD) said only to affect women. A “waffle”, slang term for vagina, was claimed to turn blue in appearance and a few blue waffle images of it were shared widely across the internet. The urban legend … Read more

The Many Benefits of Dating a Nurse (Infographic)

There are many things to consider when dating and seeking a mate. Personality, compatibility and a positive outlook on life are all important. Sometimes looking at a person’s choice of career can help determine many aspects of that person’s personality and lifestyle. Nursing is one career choice that is a good indication that a woman … Read more

Health benefits of Love Making – The Perks of a Love Connection

What are the health benefits of love making? Being in love is a wonderful feeling, but understanding the benefits of love making is even more delightful. There are many advantages of having sex and finding love in your life. In effect it can ultimately lead to longevity and a healthier you overall! The Health Benefits … Read more

Your Brain On Sex

The brain has been called the largest sex organ for good reason. Thanks to it’s “pleasure center,” the brain tells us when an experience is enjoyable, but that’s not all. Take a look at the many ways the brain impacts sex. Brought to you by