Finding Your Home Decor Style

Different home decor styles match different personalities and the needs of your home.

It’s not about putting yourself in a box, but helping you narrow down your search to find that perfect piece.

Sophisticated Glamour

When you think of glamour, old Hollywood and luxurious fabric might come to mind. Metallic materials are a fantastic way to add glamour to any room, whether they’re included in a bar cart, a chair, or a coffee table.

Tufted fabric instantly says glamour and draws the eye in, like this velvet loveseat. Another simple but elegant way to enhance a room is to look for mirrored furniture pieces. Coffee tables, side tables, or even lights with mirrored surfaces add drama to any room and punch up its wow-factor.


Modern rustic design offers texture, colour, and warmth to a space and can still be modern. Using reclaimed or distressed wood in dining or coffee tables adds a rustic look, like this rustic dining room table.
The great thing about rustic home decor is that it doesn’t have to look perfect. Leaving materials distressed or showing off exposed brick adds character. When it comes to light fixtures, pipes, or anything you’d usually try to hide, play with leaving things exposed as it makes for a more laid-back feel.

Mid-Century Contemporary

Mid-century design mimics the style that was popular from the 50’s to the 60’s. Look for furniture that offsets sleek lines with simple shapes, like skinny legs paired with bold, square frames. This office desk is a perfect example.

You can design a room completely inspired by this look, or you can pick and choose certain pieces you’d like to use as accents. A neutral palette is great to work with, as the shapes and textures offered by mid-century pieces will take center stage.

Industrial Chic

Industrial-style design is influenced by materials usually found in old factories and industrial spaces. This entertainment system is a great example.

Industrial home decor doesn’t have to be cold or uninviting. In fact, it can produce the exact opposite effect. Bare wood matched with black metal or wrought iron is the quintessential element of industrial decor, and pairs well with jewel toned fabric. It can show off your creativity and offers great eye-candy.

It’s also a great way to design open-concept rooms where lots of lighting and seating is needed. You can play with geometric patterns and hanging light fixtures to create a stylish ambience that is also modern and sleek.

Now that you have an idea of what you like, visit and start shopping!

Finding Your Home Decor Style

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