Future of Learning: Learning in a Post-Pandemic World

The current education system is a grim scene to behold, as 60% of Americans claim that traditional education systems are failing today’s students. More than 6 million students each year in the United States are “chronically absent”, teenagers are now five times more likely to suffer from mental illness than those of previous generations, and only 19% of Americans under the age of 45 years old can pass the multiple-choice section of a United States citizenship test. Today, more than 168 million children globally do not have access to in-person learning, leading to what educators refer to as The Great School Migration.

Online education offers a more flexible schedule and a safer learning environment

Many families are choosing online education because it offers a more flexible schedule, a safer learning environment, more family involvement, and the increased ability to avoid hindrances like bullying. Studies show that only 19% of teenagers prefer in-person schooling, and would rather take advantage of the many benefits that a virtual classroom brings to the table. While online learning is a big part of the trajectory of the education system, there are other developments that people in the field suggest for a successful future.

As technology in the professional world continues to develop at a rapid pace, in-demand jobs will require skills like analytical thinking, active learning, and creativity. Project-based learning, as opposed to traditional curriculum, is key to developing these skills and preparing students for the real world. Finally, the future of schooling involves a lessened focus on grading and more on the action of learning itself. Grading students limits their learning and can cause students to only put in enough work for the desired grade, or to not focus enough on the actual knowledge being presented.

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The Future School Infographic

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