Getting Ready For Australian Citizenship Test

Are you planning on becoming a citizen of Australia? Do you know what is required to make this happen? To become a citizen, you will need to take the citizenship test as well as sitting for an interview. The test is designed to test your English language skills as well as to check what you know about Australia.

Are you ready to start preparing for the test? Let’s get started!

What Will Be On The Test?

The Test covers three main categories: Australian and their citizens, Law and Government in Australia, and Australia’s democratic rights, beliefs, and liberties.

Tips on How To Prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test

  1. Get a copy of the recommended resource book and videos that the Australian Government provides for free. Watch the videos and use the book to study from.
  2. Understand that there is no way of knowing ahead of time which questions will be on the test you are taking. Assume that you need to know all the material in the resource book to be able to pass the test.
  3. Studying Ideas – Read the booklet through once to understand the information without trying to memorize anything new. Once you have read the booklet cover to cover, go back, and study each chapter. Do this until you believe you have learned everything.
  4. Take advantage of taking practice tests online. You should be able to find both practice tests per chapter as well as practice tests based on past tests. Do both. Pay attention to the way the questions are asks, word choices, and the similarity of the different answers. This is what you will be facing on the actual tests. Take your time in reading both the questions and all the answers available.
  5. Continue alternating between takings tests, reviewing answers you missed, and studying where needed.

If you follow the studying tips above and commit yourself to learn the information needed as well as taking practice tests, you will easily be prepared to take the Australian Citizenship Test.


Getting Ready For Australian Citizenship Test

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